Understanding the Basics of Business Administration

To be successful with the administrative side of any business you need to be well organized and have outstanding communication skills. By following these six tips for business administration you will have your office running as efficiently as it should be in no time at all.


Schedule everything


You cannotlet tasks fall by the wayside; this will leave your schedule in absolute chaos. Every time a new job or task comes in you need to set a deadline for it right away, this will enable you to complete them on time and manage the expectations of your clients. A well drawn up schedule will allow you to keep an accurate record of who performed which task and the time it was completed. Once you implement an effective schedule you will notice a remarkable improvement in time management and efficiency.


Clear job roles


Each and every team member must have a crystal clear job description; this may sound simple but is extremely important. If your workforce has an understanding of who is responsible for each task then you will create a harmonious working environment.


Company policies


Company policy is paramount for making sure that you avoid any misconduct. The policies that you set out will ultimately dictate the mood in your office or workplace. The policies should be related to how emails are written, internet usage whilst not on break, break times, lunch times and even how staff should answer telephone calls. Policies will ensure that your staff maintains a certain level of professionalism.


Work manuals


If you have not yet worked in an office that has procedure manuals then you do not know what you are missing, these manuals are a godsend and will keep every piece of work your staff does consistent. The manuals should clearly detail the steps for each task that needs to be completed, listing the steps means that staff will not miss anything important whilst completing a task.


Keep your records in order


If you want your office to be efficient then you have to have a good record keeping system in place. This applies to any industry, whether it is a doctor’s surgery or delivery service, all records need to be accurate and kept up to date in a logical filing system. When it comes to tax time your financial records need to be in perfect order. Some businesses fall short at this point and end up having to pay more than they should. If you want to make a tax saving then accurate financial records will be a great start.


Backup your data


In this day and age it is very easy for you to backup all of your electronic files. A good rule of thumb is to backup all electronic files daily, make sure this is in your work manual. It is impossible to backup your paper files so you need to have them stored safely in a secure room.



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