Tired of plagiarism – best way to detect and fight it

Plagiarism is a problem – you can’t deny it. The roots of it can be traced probably to the earliest days of humanity, but one of the oldest issues remains to be a big headache today. In this article we discuss written plagiarism. Undoubtably it is most prominent in article writing and of course, schools/universities. Teacher, professors and organisations invest into anti plagiarism tools, but which of them actually work? Let’s narrow down the issue – what is the best way to detect and prevent plagiarism?


Actually, the answer is quite simple. The name of the problem solver is ‘Anti plagiarism tool’. What is it? Software, usually available online, dedicated to spot and mark plagiarised pieces in a document. How does it do it? By combining clever algorithms with immense databases, antiplagiarism check services determine whether the content uploaded matches something it has indexed online or stored somewhere. If it is a match – your document is marked at least somewhat plagiarised, if not – congratulations, your paper is ready to be handed in or published!


Modern anti plagiarism tools are used everywhere. Schools, colleges, universities, businesses and even individuals put them to good use. Since some of them can be accessed and used for free, more and more users are trying it out for themselves. After seeing the many great benefits, they choose to opt for premium memberships. It is a very wise investment for those who tend to do a lot of writing or look/evaluate many documents over periods of time.

So, the best way to detect and prevent plagiarism is an anti plagiarism software which you can find online.


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