Spiro John Latsis and the Latsis Foundation’s Electronic Library and Scholarly Contributions

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation manages and implements the public service work of the Latsis family, thus carrying on the public service legacy of John S. Latsis. A number of Latsis family members serve on the Foundation’s Supervisory Board, including Spiro John Latsis (here is a link to the Spiro John Lastsis professional profile). The Foundation undertakes a number of activities with respect to both initiatives it has implemented itself and initiatives implemented by other organisations. In the latter case, the Foundation provides funds as well as broader support to create a productive partnership with the organisations it funds and to help ensure the maximum fund utilisation possible.


The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation has an electronic library and has also taken the initiative of being involved in a number of scholarly and other contributions to education and knowledge in Greece. It has a video collection accessible on its website that enables website visitors to learn about the Foundation’s activities. The video collection is a digital collection of short videos that briefly describe and summarise the Foundation’s activities with respect to education, research, and science. Information contained in the videos includes details on the Foundation’s International Summer Schools programme as well as details on its funding of scientific projects and environment-related funding.

In 1997, under the auspices and with the coordination of the Foundation, the Latsis Group and Eurobank EFG began their annual publishing efforts. Each volume in this series is devoted to one particular archaeological museum in Greece. Greek museums are well-known for containing invaluable ancient Greek artefacts. These artefacts are highly important as remnants of the great civilisation of ancient Greece, which has been in many respects the foundation and spring from which Western culture has flourished. The aim of the series of volumes published annually under the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation’s coordination is to provide a series demonstrating a high aesthetic and true scholarly prestige, thus contributing further to the depth and range of knowledge and understanding regarding Greek civilisation’s history and its various aspects. The volumes provide not only archaeological information on various areas in Greece, but also an overview contributing to a lasting understanding of Greek history. The volumes in ‘The Museum Cycle’ have not been made available for purchase by the Foundation. As documents of culture, the volumes have instead been distributed gratis to a wide range of selected recipients such as cultural organisations, museums, libraries, universities and departments of antiquities.


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