5 Top Careers You Can Do Abroad

Whilst some of us consider travelling as popping to see our family a couple of hours car distance away, others prefer to get as far away from where they live as possible and as often as possible. Some even harbour dreams of living and working in other countries or even travelling all over the place on a regular occurrence.


For this reason we have provided a few careers you could do if you wish to enjoy employment overseas. There could be something you could do if you are one of those people that love nothing more than travelling.

Travel Nurse

Nursing is one field that certain areas of the world are suffering a shortage of, so you could opt to go abroad for your career. Of course, you will need to be a qualified nurse but once you are it will not be that difficult for you to find roles in other countries around the globe.

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Tour Guide

If you love to travel then one of the most obvious choices for a career would be that of a tour guide. Many countries will be looking for tour guides with good English skills, as many of their tourists will speak that language. It will help your cause if you can speak another foreign language, but it is not always necessary.

International Aid Worker

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If you want to help people as well as travel then being an International Aid worker is a great way to do so. You would be charged with helping out after disasters, wars or in third world countries where people are struggling to survive. You might think that aid workers are not paid but in some instances they are paid very well depending on their qualifications and what they can bring to help in a certain situation.


If you fancy yourself as a bit of an Indiana Jones type, then archaeology could be for you. You could go searching for hidden treasures, old weapons, coins or anything that could be buried all over the world. It will take a few qualifications to take up this option but if you are young enough and hungry enough you could achieve it.

English Teacher

You will already know that English is one of the most used languages in the world, so why not make the most of your native tongue by teaching those in other parts of the world. You can work as an ESL (English as Second Language) teacher to provide people with a second language to speak. You are usually paid for this role and even offered free accommodation.


Professional Poker Player

A successful poker professional will have to travel the world in order to take part in the very best tournaments and games and these are usually in the big cities all over the globe. No qualifications are needed but you may have to put in substantial work to get to the level where you can live off of playing the game.

Air Hostess

Working for the airlines, you will have to travel all of the time to many destinations the world over. Whilst this is great, you may not get much time before you have to fly back again. Despite this it can be a fairly well paid career and you will get opportunities to at least spend a little time in places from time to time.

There are of course many more careers that can be achieved abroad and this is just a small selection, yet you can see that it is very easy to find something to do that involves the travelling that you seek.

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