Back-to-School 2018: Must-Have Dorm Stuff for College Students

Back-to-School 2014 Must-Have Dorm Stuff for College Students - 1When it comes to dorm gear and décor, there are some things you just can’t live without, along with a long list of things that are awfully nice to have. The only problem is that most college dorm rooms don’t have the space for all the stuff kids want, and as a parent there’s a lot of stuff you’d probably prefer they didn’t have in the first place. One thing parents and kids alike can agree on is that planning and preparation to get the right stuff for dorm and college life is important and there’s no time like the present to tackle the list.

Bedding is a great place to start because sleep is important, especially if you want to be able to study and learn effectively. Most college dorms provide the basics – a bed, mattress, dresser, desk and chair.The mattress is typically a twin extra long, also known as a twin XL. Standard twin sheets will not fit a twin XL mattress – they are too short. This means you will need to invest in new sheet sets; standard twin comforters and quilts generally will fit just fine. Since the mattress is usually a previously owned item,you will want a mattress protector or mattress encasement, preferably one designed to repel bedbugs. A memory foam mattress pad or pillow-top mattress enhancer can further improve the quality of the sleeping surface.

When selecting bedding, it is a good rule of thumb to have three sets of sheets and pillowcases with one set on the bed, one set at the ready, and one set in the wash. Choose easy care machine washable and dryer safe quilts and comforters because bedding which must be dry cleaned or requires extra care is not a good idea in a college setting. Reversible comforters and quilts are more practical. You will want to be sure to choose two good quality pillows for plenty of back support for use while lounging or studying in bed.  Make life easy and select the Get Started Chase 10-Piece Dorm Room Bedding Kit – it includes everything you need to create a luxurious bedroom, all packed into one reusable storage organizer.  The kit includes the 8-piece Chase Bedding Set (a twin comforter, pillow sham, flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillow case, two towels and one hanging storage bag), a top quality pillow and a mattress topper.

Back-to-School 2014 Must-Have Dorm Stuff for College Students - 2Some other dorm room gear and essentials include bed risers – they elevate the bed to create extra storage space underneath for things like seasonal clothing, sporting goods and the like.A power strip with a surge protector will help to keep expensive electronic gear,such as laptops and cell phones,from damage.Plus, there typically are not enough electrical outlets in most dorm rooms. A good quality reading lamp with a flexible or adjustable neck lets you read and study without disturbing roommates; some schools permit clamp lamps while others may or may not; still others will not permit lighting with halogen bulbs so be sure the review the specific college checklist. Let your team spirit show with a collegiate logo flashing decorative light such as the Texas A&M University Let’s Go light.

Lounging around is the fun part of being a student – the Sherpa Round Pouf is a great accessory in a dorm room – the shearling-like fabrication provides a nice texture and plenty of comfort. Any dorm room can benefit from the addition of a collegiate logo 3-in-1 trash can/cooler/hamper – get them at along with other dorm essentials like indoor door/floor mats and WallPops® removable dry erase message dots designed for easy communication and reminders.

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